Favourites Friday: Saying goodbye to one favourite, but welcoming back another.

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Thanks to everyone who dropped in and commented on Wednesday's entry,  where I updated on my working week.  

I'm continuing with my new posting schedule, this time with Favourites Friday, where I talk about what I've been doing with my family, and what TV shows, books, movies I've been enjoying.

Cut for a lot of text, and image heavy. 

Admittedly, I haven't had chance to do much with my boys recently, as I'm still trying to get into a schedule since starting with Curiosity Quills. But I'm still finding time to them out after school every Friday to spend their pocket money, and visit the park on the way home. 

A few weeks ago we visited a park a little further from home, and spent a good few hours there, as well as at a field close-by so they could kick their balls around. Funnily, they enjoyed climbing trees and rolling down the grass bank more than they did playing on the swings, slides and round-about.

Here are some pictures of my boys enjoying the summer sunshine.

As you can see Youngest got quite a knock on his forehead from running into the round-about, but I'm glad to report it's all healed now. 

Recently TV has been really good for us, and Hubby and I have plenty to watch together of an evening; though we've now got so many shows we're running out of time to watch them all. 

Poor EastEnders has been forgotten for a month, and the wrestling is getting somewhat neglected. Though I am insisting we watch Sheild's matches every week; I need my Roman Reigns fix! Also really getting into the Triple H storyline, and how his wife and father-in-law are trying to stop him wrestling because of his age. The AJ Lee and Caitlyn storyline has also been brilliant, and their promo on Monday was one of the best Divas promos I've seen in years. AJ owned it! The PPV PayBack should be interesting on Sunday.

We bid farewell to Game of Thrones for another year on Monday. The week before's episode, with the Red Wedding, was epic. It crushed me in the books and even though I knew it was coming, it also crushed me seeing it on screen; especially with the few new additions. The finale was a little calmer, but still had some great moments, and excellent writing. I loved the scenes between Jon and Ygritte, and Team Bran and Sam, as well as Cersei's confession to Tyrion that he children are the only things stopping her throwing herself off the Red Keep. I actually felt really sorry for Cersei at that point. The star of the show for me though was Ramsay Snow. That scene with the sausage was bloody brilliant - in a total creepy way! *shudders*.

Speaking of creepy cannibals, we started watching the Hannibal series recently. Bloody hell, it's brilliant. I don't know who is more fucked up, Hannibal or Will Graham. Hugh Dancy is a brilliant actor. I do wonder how far the show will go though; will it catch up with Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs? I hope so, I'd love to see them re-envisioned with the new cast. 

This week also saw the return of Falling Skies, and the new series started with a bit of a time jump, as the story has now moved forwards seven months. Apart from the heavy handed time-frame dropping from nearly all the characters, I really enjoyed the new episode. I'm intrigued by this new species of "good" aliens, and the alliance that's been formed. I'm also loving Tom as president of Charleston. I can't believe they killed Terry O'Quinn's character off so quickly though. The two-part season premier left me with a bunch of questions that I hope are answered this season; like what in the hell is going on with Tom and Anne's baby. That little girl is freaky! And what's the deal with Hal? Is he the mole? I'm not convinced he is, but he's certainly being controlled by that eye-bug alien thing and going back to the new evil alien leader in Karen's body. 

Speaking of aliens, Defiance was brilliant again this week. I loved the final scene where Gordon McClintock is reunited with his wife after thirty years, and "Man Out of Time" by Elvis Costello is playing in the background. Beautiful. I'm also loving the storyline with Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr - I'm now convinced she's the one with all the power, and is only having a relationship with Kenya, so that she can somehow manipulate the end of her marriage to Datak. I don't expect him to live to the end of the series. 

Next week sees the return of True Blood. I'm not sure how I feel - I do wonder if the show is going off the rails a little. I'm kind of ready for it to end. Although I am looking forwards to seeing Robert Kazinsky - who I loved in EastEnders as Sean Slater - as a fairy.

This week hasn't all been about TV. The twelfth book in the Wardstone Chronicles  Alice,  was finally released. I've been waiting for this book for so long, and was really excited about it, especially as Alice is one of my favourite characters. Though I did enjoy it, and the ending was brilliant, it wasn't quite what I expected, but more about that at the next Cephalopod Coffeehouse Meeting on 28th June

This week has also been great for gaming news, with E3 being held. The Xbox One Versus PS4 war is still raging, and from everything we've heard so far, it looks as though our house will becoming a Sony household for the new generation. That makes me sad, because I was such a Microsoft fangirl, but apparently they don't care about their customers any more, and only care about the money. At least it means I'll finally be able to play DC with the Hubby. That is when we're not playing Elder Scrolls Online. I almost screamed the house down when I heard Elder Scrolls Online was coming to consoles. The Elder Scrolls series is my favourite game series ever, and one of the few things I don't like about it is that you can't play co-op or multiplayer. I cannot wait until Hubby and I get the chance to expand our in-game continuity (where all are characters are connected) and actually do quests together.

Speaking of fantasy RPGs, there was some Dragon Age: 3 news at E3 too. While I'm liking the new art style, the probable storyline and the fact we'll get another new character, I was sort of disappointed in the trailer. Everyone is getting excited about the two returning characters we saw, and debating what capacity they'll be back in. All I can think about is, where's Anders? It's been three years, and I'm still not over how he broke my my character's heart. 

My favourite piece of gaming news from this week, however, is the new information we've gotten about Pokemon X and Y. Fairy type is confirmed, and now that it has been, I actually really like the new Eeveelution Sylveon. I find it especially awesome that fairy-types will be strong against dragon-types. Can you imagine this cutie slaying a dragon?! LOL

I think that's everything of importance that's happened this week, so I'll be off now. Perhaps I can squeeze in 15 mins of revisions before I have to collect Oldest from school.

If you'd like, check my writing blog for a new week's Memorable Mondays, where I'll be talking about what books, covers, hops and other author/ writer related events that have been happening.

Also, don't forget to check out my writing blog, where I'm hosting Annalisa Crawford for the first time as part of her blog tour for her short story compilation That Sadie Thing. 

Laters, Taters! 


  1. Hi dear, happy that you're being able to adjust your schedule and have fun with the boys. As you I loved the last two episodes of GoT and I have to say that it was a huge impact /scock to see the RW on the screen, despite the fact that my shock and sadness while reading the book was immense and cannot be bitten. The only things that worries me is the fact that Jammie arrived much sooner on King's Landing, so I wonder what they will do about it, mainly about Brienne's part, since she will arrive and Sansa is still there. I wonder if Gendry will join her in the future (is he manages to get in KL on that boat). I'am also loving Hannibal, really heavy stuff and as you both main characters creep me out, but I have to say that Will is on the lead at the moment lol Well I'm almost in the end of the season, so I won't comment much to avoid spoilers. I'm also loving Defiance, it was a nice surprise as a sci-fi new series and I hope that it stays for long. Another great series that is ending here now is Da Vinci's Demons. Don't know if you have it there.

    As for the games, I have to find time to play again, it's been a loooong time. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hey dear! So glad you could drop by. :D

      Both the book and the TV version of the RW effected me deeply. I'm glad it translated so well onto screen.

      Yeah, I wonder what will happen with the Jaime/ Brienne/ Sansa situation now. I assume Joff's wedding will be very early next season, to but the storylines on the right course.

      I do wonder what will happen to Gendry. I guess it depends on how important he becomes in the books.

      Hannibal is brilliant, and I can easily see how Will will become the creepier of the two. He's so much better than Edward Norton's version of the character.

      I like Defiance well enough to watch it every week, though I'm not sure it's a favourite. It does fill that sci-fi role nicely though.

      I've not heard of Da Vinci's Demons, I 'll have to look it up.

      Have a great weekend too! :D

    2. Hi dear, I was happy to come and read your entries here :) I could not comment before, but now with the google+ account I can :)

      Regarding GoT I've read some nice theories for Jaime, Brienne, Sansa and even Genfry in this mix, so I believe that they can make, if they want, a nice path for the characters to solve this early arrival at KL. I just hope that they keep Gendry in, I like his character in the show.

      I will watch the last episode of Hannibal tomorrow night, can't wait to see if they will leave us a nice cliffhanging lol As for Defiance, well it's not a great show, but it's a kind of good one and in the lack of good sci-fi shows here it's the best we got at the moment so I'm enjoying it. I didn't see falling skies yet so I will see if I get the previous seasons because I've found out after you posted that we have it here to in a channel that I almost don't watch, called TNT.

      I also started to watch a Swedish series, the kind that I like police/crime drama, and I'm loving it, it's called Arne Dahl.

      Hope you have a nice week dear.

  2. Falling Skies came crashing through the gates this season. Aw Pokemon, the memories and my brother bought a PS3 early this year and of course there's now a PS4. We both saw it coming. I'm ready for True Blood, I finally got to start seeing it again last year and enjoyed it. That sausage image was brilliant, must be even better on television. Glad you had fun with your boys and yes this was a lot of text but I had fun reading it. Enjoy your weekend and congrats again on getting your internship at CQ.

    1. It really did. I was unsure when last season ended, because of this new race of aliens, but they pulled it off really well.

      I still love Pokemon deeply, and it's given it a new lease of life being able to play with my kids.

      I wouldn't worry about the PS£ too much. Even though the PS4 will be out this year, I think the PS3 will be around for a while yet.

      I'm not sure how I feel about True Blood any more, but I'm still willing to watch this season.

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the post, even if it was miles long! LOL

  3. Your boys look like they're having a great time.

    I have to wait for the dvds to see Game of Thrones 3, but I read the books, so I know what's coming.

    I enjoyed Falling Skies too, and it was one of Defiance's better episodes. I'm not hooked on Defiance yet, but will keep watching.

    1. They did, they look getting out and going wild.

      Even knowing what's coming, it was tough to watch. I hope you enjoy the DVD though.

      I wouldn't say Defiance is a favourite of mine, but I like it enough to want to watch it every week.

  4. Clare- amazing pictures of the boys! They are so cute. Love to see those great big smiles. I am so glad you shared that little glimpse of them at the park! Adorable.

    That picture with the sausage- Oh my gosh how twisted and awesome is Game Of Thrones! I can't believe we have to wait so long before we get to see another season. 12 episodes is never enough! I wish it could go on and on...

    Defiance is my new TV addiction! I'm loving it. I've been a fan of Julie Benz since Buffy and I think she plays the part of the mayor brilliantly. Datak and his whole family just fascinate me- what great characters and writing; this show really surprised the heck out of me and has fast become one of my new favorites@!

    True Blood. Ugh. If it weren't for Alcide wearing no shirt last season, I don't think I would have tuned in at all. When you said "off the rails" that was a great way to describe it. They butchered Charlaine Harris wonderful story. True Blood is absolutely nothing like her books and it pisses me off. I'm so disappointed with the whole mess- I don't think the eye candy will be enough of a draw for me to want to tune back in this season.

    I am not a gamer, so I can't comment on that. But it sure is good to see all of your favorites and hear your opinion on everything! Have a great weekend Clare-


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