G is for Game of Thrones

Thank you for all the comments on last week’s posts. I continue the A-Z today with;

G is for Game of Thrones

I find it fitting that today’s post falls on what is, in our house, Game of Thrones day – though we won’t be watching the new episode until tonight.

I got into the A Song of Ice and Fire series towards the end of 2009. I was near the end of my second pregnancy, and had a lot of free time on my hands. One of my LiveJournal friends, Beth, often spoke highly of the series and I knew she was a member of the LJ community WesterosSorting. It seemed like a fun place to hang out online, and I wanted to join. I was also looking for something to get absorbed in now that LOST had ended, and had heard there were talks of A Song of Ice and Fire TV show. I think Sean Bean had been cast as Ned for the pilot by this point.

House Stark FTW!
I didn’t know much about the series, only that it was fantasy and had houses. I actually thought the houses were like the house system in Harry Potter. LOL

I bought the first book, Game of Thrones, and delved right in, fast becoming absorbed in the series. I can remember visiting Waterstones multiple times a week to get the next book, and then being annoyed when they didn’t have it, and I had to go to WH Smiths. Ah, how I love having an e-reader now!

At first, I very much loved the Starks (still do) and hated the Lannisters. I was also very intrigued by Daenerys Targaryen and wanted to see her return to Westeros.

I finished the series before the end of 2009, and then promptly joined WesterosSorting andgot absorbed into the fandom, counting down the wait until the TV series debuted in 2011.
Since then my favourites and least favourites have changed a little, due to the TV show and latest book.
Future Queen of Westeros? Some days I hope she is, others I don't!

I’m still a Stark girl at heart, with a healthy side of Targaryen. I guess that’s why I subscribe so strongly to the theory Jon Snow is the secret son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Jon is one of my favourite characters, and he being their son would combine my favourite houses. 

I still love Dany, and want to see her in Westeros, though I did find much of her A Dance with Dragons storyline frustrating. Sansa had grown on me a great deal, and she’s now up there as one of my favourites. I cannot wait for her to grow in power. Tyrion I still have a love/hate relationship with – again, his Dance storyline was tiresome. 

A girl is missing a man from her TV show. A man was very easy on the eyes. A third season is just not the same without a man.
Through fandom and the TV show, I’ve also grown to love more minor characters, including Brynden Rivers aka BloodRaven and the awesome Jaqen H'ghar. The fifth book also gave me a whole new love for Melisandre, who I now think is a total bamf.

One thing that remains the same is, I keep flip-flopping on how I want the series to end. I want to bad guys – Ramsey Snow, Gregor Clegane, and The White Walkers etc. – to pay for their evil and I want my favourites to be happy. But I don’t know who I’d want to rule the seven kingdoms, or if I even want them to remain as one kingdom united under a single ruler. 

All I am sure of is that I’m still immensely enjoying the ride of both the TV series and the books! 

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  1. I have the same theory about Jon. I want to see him and Dani together. I'm a little impatient with the books about getting her to Westeros, though. Hopefully Tyrion can get her there.

    Did you see the premiere for this season yet?

    1. I flip-flop on Dany. In my ideal world though, the seven kingdoms would be divided into two and Dani would be Queen of the south and Sansa Queen of the North. I'm still not sure who'd be their kings though, as I love pairing Sansa with everyone.

      Dany's story is becoming slightly frustrating though. Let's hope Tyrion points her in the right direction.

      Yes, we're up to date with the US. We meant to have watching it until tonight, but I gave in! LOL Been brilliant so far, loving everything. What are you thoughts?

  2. I love this series too - Arya was my fave character in the books. I haven't read all the books, only up to the end of book 3.

    1. Thanks for dropping in Trish. I do really like Arya too, her storyline is fantastic.

  3. This is the second "G" post I've come across today that has written about Game of Thrones...popular topic and for good reason! I LOVE both the books and the HBO series, although the TV show has distorted my 'favourite character' answer as I find the imagination I used when reading the books has been overtaken by the actors themselves. I love Ayra and Tyrion in both the books and the TV series. My brother has just started watching Series 1 and my advice to him, based on the books has been "don't get too attached to any of the characters"!

    A to Z Participant (A to Z of Travel Bucket List Inspiration)

    1. Thanks for dropping in Kellie. I think Game of Thrones is probably the most popular TV series right now.

      Yeah, I must admit, the TV series has distorted my view of favorite characters. I can't remember what I thought they looked like before the TV series.

  4. You know great minds think alike, right? Except your mind is much more organized and well thought out, than mine, lol.

    Great post! And I really enjoy Jaquen as well. He is all too cool. And a great person for Arya to encounter, right when she needed him.

    1. Great minds indeed! Ah, if only I could be this organized in all things! :D

      Yeah, it's really interesting how both Stark girls actually meet people who can shape and influence their lives in each book. :)


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