A-Z Blogging Challenge: E is for EastEnders

Thank you for all the comments on yesterday’s entry, D is for Dexter. I continue the A-Z today with;

E is for EastEnders

For those who don’t know, EastEnders is a British soap opera set in the East End of London, that started in 1985.

I’ve been watching EastEnders for as long as I can remember. My mum watched it when I was a kid, and get me into it. I watched it in my late teen/ early twenties when I lived with my dad. Then when Hubby and I got our own place, I got him into it.

For the last ten years or so, EastEnders has been a show I’ve enjoyed on the same level as American shows I love like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, True Blood etc. 

Sometimes we’ll watch an episode as it airs, other times we’ll record it and either watch the episode in the evening with a cuppa before going to bed, or keep a week’s worth of episodes for a night where we’ve got no other TV programmes to watch.

I always tune in for the specials at Christmas, New Year’s etc. when the big storylines conclude.

Last year, I was kept on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who Kat Moon’s secret lover
Kat & Bianca - great friendship
was. Hubby and I would actually theorise over it while cooking dinner, presenting arguments for and against all the different suspects. For months we felt sure her secret lover was Derek Branning, and we were so pleased when it was revealed to be him over Christmas.

I’ve been enthralled by Lola’s story with her little daughter Lexi. Both the episode where she had Lexi taken off her, and the recent episode where she ran away with Lexi were heart breaking. I hope they get some good luck, and the chance to be together soon.

Another storyline that really gripped me was the one a few years back when the daughter Ronnie Mitchell thought had died as a child turned up in Albert Square. I was on the edge of my seat for months, hoping mother and daughter would be reunited. When Ronnie finally discovered the identity of her long lost daughter, only for Danielle/ Amy to be killed in a car accident moments later, it broke my heart. I cried as Danielle died in Ronnie’s arms.

Ronnie’s tragic life continued a few years later, after she married true love Jack Branning, only for their baby to die of cot death a few days after birth. I know many disapproved of the subsequent storyline where Ronnie swapped her baby for Kat and Alfie’s son Tommy, but I thought it was excellent. After everything Ronnie had been through with Danielle/ Amy I completely understood why she had this breakdown when her son died, and did the unthinkable when she took little Tommy. The resolution of the storyline, with Ronnie seeking psychiatric help, and then going to jail was the perfect end for the character.
Ronnie and Roxy - sisters forever

Though I always hope she’ll return and reunite with Jack when her jail sentence ends. 

Another of my favourite characters is Ronnie’s sister Roxie, who has had her own sensational storylines, like her relationship with Sean Slater (another character I’d LOVE to come back), her one night stand with sister’s love interest Jack that lead to her having her own child, and her recent relationship with Alfie Mood. Though I do hope Alfie grows a pair soon, and stops flip-flopping between Kat and Roxie, so him and Roxie can finally be happy.

I also love the romantic relationships of the show – Jay Mitchell (Brown) and Abby Branning are my FAVOURITE COUPLE EVER. Their young love is so sweet and innocent. I hope they’re together for ever, and have lots of cute ginger babies together. I also really like the recent blossoming love between Denise Fox and Ian Beale – I just hope they don’t end up like Ian’s other relationships.

The friendships are another great aspect, and I’m really enjoying the bond between Bianca Butcher and Kat Moon – two single mothers doing the best for their kids, and trying to earn an honest living with their market stall. Very inspiring.

Sometimes though, the show frustrates me, especially when a character is being written out. I loved the relationship between Christian Clark and Syed Masood, but felt as though their arguments and Syed’s lies etc. were to make a dramatic exit storyline. I’d rather they’d just got married and then decided to move away to be closer to Syed’s daughter, instead of all the b.s. Likewise, I didn’t like the exit storyline for Syed’s mother Zainab. I felt that her husband
Jay and Abby - true love
Masood’s midlife crisis and attraction to their younger house guest Ayesha, was contrived after they’d spent so long getting their marriage back on track. Although I wouldn’t want Masood and brother AJ to leave the show, part of me wishes Masood and Zainab had stayed together.

I look forwards to the next year in EastEnders though. I’m excited to see what happens at Sharon and Jack’s wedding, and the return of Janine Butcher and subsequent departure of her estranged husband Michael, and of course whatever they have in store for us this coming Christmas!

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  1. Not sure we get that show here. Glad you enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Alex. :D Do you get BBC America where you are? It might be on there.

  2. Heard the name but never watched the show. Like Alex said I'm also happy you like it.

    1. Thanks Sheena-kay. As I said to Alex, it might be on BBC America.

  3. Hello, Clare! It sounds like a fun show. I like the title!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

    1. Hey Laura. Thanks for dropping by. It is a great show, if you like overly dramatic soap operas! ;)

  4. Sounds like a great show! I've heard of it, but never watched it myself.


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