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Clare is totes sick of the snow - why yes, I am obsessed with Bitstrips

So, as the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the Easter Holidays are fast approaching, I thought I'd write a little update, as I don't know how much I'll be around in April - aside from daily A-Z posts. 

Things are good in the house of Clare right now. We've had a few spouts of illness - I blame the snow - but on the whole everyone is doing well.

The kid's had their parents evening at school recently. Youngest's teacher didn't really have much to say, just that he's settling in well. Oldest's was full of praise, saying how far he's come this year, how hard he is trying to improve areas he's not good in (handwriting) and that he's one of the kids in class she always hopes will raise their hand in answer to a question, because his comments insight thoughtful replies.

They had their Easter festivities today. Youngest was meant to be decorating an Easter bonnet, but as the school was closed yesterday, they didn't have time to do it before today's parade. I didn't know this, and thought he'd be decorating his bonnet today, so sent him in with a plain one, whereas everyone else had ones they'd decorated at home. He didn't seem too bothered though, and there's always next year. 

Oldest once again had to decorate eggs. In previous years we’ve had Sonic the Hedgehog and a dragon. This year my son is obsessed with the video game Mortal Kombat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Kombat), so characters from that are who he wanted to decorate his eggs as.
I decided to forgo boiling real eggs this year, and bought polystyrene ones, along with marker pens, paint and card needed for the decorating. Everything I bought was either from the 99p shop, or we already had at home. I also discovered disposable paper cups, from past birthday parties, make excellent mixing pots for paints.

We started off by mixing a skin colour and a green (for Reptile) and then painting the six white eggs with a base coat. After they were dry, I drew on the different parts – mask, headgear, eyes etc. – in pencil and my son coloured them all in with marker. We made the well-known Mortal Kombat ninjas Scorpion, Sub Zero, Noob Saibot, Smoke and Reptile, as well as the Shaolin monk Kung Lao; cutting out a piece of circular black card for his hat. Then using double-sided sticky tape, we mounted the six eggs on a piece of display card, all ready to take into school this week. 

He didn't win - apparently one of the judges is one of the kid's mums and always picks her daughter - but he was happy with what he made and impressed his friends with it.

This past weekend Oldest and I had a bit of geeky fun. On Saturday morning, we found out our local GAME store was hosting a Pokemon event. All you had to do was turn up with your DS/ 3SD and copy of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2, and you could download the exclusive Pokemon Meloetta. We braved the snow (snow at the end of March?! Seriously, WTF? Go away already) and took our DSes (and Hubby's) down to GAME to get our exclusive Pokemon. It's the second my son has got, as he also downloaded Genesect from Nintendo in November during a promotional event. It's so awesome that all of us have this love of Pokemon that we can share together, and I can enjoy my son getting exclusive content, instead of not understanding the importance of it when he asks and brushing him off. Since we all got the Pokemon games at Christmas, we've had so much fun competing to see how could complete the game first, battling against each other, and trading Pokemon. We're all very much looking forwards to the new game at the end of this year. 

Met Mum for coffee last Friday (Starbucks Chi Lattes FTW!) and had a nice time catching up with her. It was very relaxed, we left Youngest to run around in the play centre while we chatted. She's doing well - work seems to be going well for her, and things with her health etc. are good at the moment. Though I know she and my step-dad are desperate for the snow to clear so that they can start doing car boot sales again.

Hubby is well. Still working hard on his site, and trying to find ways to monetise it. He's had some more excellent ideas this week, as well as working out some financial aspects with AdSense, so all is ticking along nicely there. 

Health-wise I'm doing well. The anti-depressants the doctor gave me are working a treat, and I'm coping with everything a lot better now. I feel so much happier, and calmer. I sort of regret not seeing someone about my problems sooner. I just hope, when I have to come off them I can maintain this good headspace. 

As I mentioned on my writing blog, work on my new project is coming along nicely, and I've managed to get the first week's A-Z challenge posts scheduled. Likewise, I've got week one set up one here. I'm going to try and get a good lead in terms of posts written up, so that I can devote April to commenting on other people's entries. 

And that's about all really, I'll finish off this post with some pictures I took the other morning.

Mortal Kombat eggs

Youngest with his toy turtle

Oldest with his MK eggs

My boys together! <3

If I don't see you around, have a great Easter, and I look forwards to catching you in the A-Z. 

(I've also posted an update on my writingl blog for anyone who's interested)

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