Birthdays, Goose-pocalypse and Pic!Spam!

So, I've been meaning to update for a while now, and as it was Oldest's 10th Birthday party at Laser Quest this Saturday, and I have photos, I thought I'd update.

Things are going well. Last weekend was tough, and we had an incident with Oldest. For a few hours I worried that everything was going to go back to the way it was before Christmas, but by Sunday it'd all blown over. Oldest's behaviour has mostly been great this week, and any situations, Hubby and I are able to defuse, so things are looking up.

Went to the park and then the lake to feed the ducks a few weeks ago. We got around to the side of the lake with better access to the shore, and then were accosted by about fifty geese; it was hilarious watching them all fight for the break, and the alphas pecking the others away. Then a sawn came over, and started to scare Youngest, so we thought it best to leave. the damn geese followed us half way up the road, and only stopped when we went around a corner and out of sight. It was freaky, like the Goose-pocalypse!

The week flew by. Youngest started nursery school (from 9am-12 PM) and though he had a shaky start, and was crying whenever I left, by the end of the week he seemed to be really enjoying it. He's come down with a bad sore throat and a bit of a fever today, so we'll see if he's well enough to go in tomorrow.

Despite having three hours without either child this week, I feel like I've gotten less done. And although I didn't complete everything on my to-do list, there was some things like running errands and editing articles for Hubby that I didn't factor in, so I'm still pleased with all I achieved.

Oldest went over to a friends house to play and have dinner on Wednesday, for the first time ever. He had a really excellent time, and friend's mum even reported back how polite, well behaved and well-spoken he was. She said it was nice for her son to have a friend over and them actually sit and play with toys, rather than argue. Oldest even stood up to friend's older brother when he put an inappropriate video on YouTube.

Met Mum for coffee on Friday, and so she could give Oldest his birthday present; she bought him an art set, and let him pick out two Lego Hero Factory figures. She also bought be back a cute bracelet from their recent holiday in Tenerife. It was good to see her, especially since we haven't seen each other since the beginning of December.

Been trying to do a little exercise this week, and managed a 15-minute walk two mornings after dropping the boys off at school. Hopefully I can increase the amount of days this week. Also, Hubby and I are going to see the doctor/ nutritionist soon to ask advice about eating better and losing weight.

Was Oldest's tenth birthday party at Laser Quest yesterday. Everything went really smoothly, and he had a fantastic time. Even though the party was quite pricey, I'm so glad we had one for him. He's ten, after all, and this will probably be his last chance to have a party with his primary school friends, so it was well worth it. We're having a little tea party for him on his actual birthday this week and he's got a school trip to an adventure centre (where they'll walk high ropes and play with Nerf guns) on his birthday.

It's my 30th birthday a week later, though I don't think we'll do much. I'd like to go out for a meal in a few weeks as a joint celebration for mine and Hubby's birthdays; his is three weeks after mine. For a gift, I'm probably putting the money towards going to see Fozzy in Bristol with Kyra in April.

Hubby's parents are visiting this coming weekend, as we never got a chance to see them over the Christmas period. I just know the boys will be going crazy with birthday presents each, and Christmas presents!

And, that's all that's been going on recently. I'll finish this entry off with some pictures from the last few months; including ones from our holiday at the end of October (though it's not all the holiday photos as I still haven't had the ones on the camera developed!). You can see them on Tinypic here

Laters, Taters!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son, you and your husband! Sounds like his 10th went really well.
    I am also very happy to hear that he has been making so much progress- visiting a friend and getting a good report is a huge step.

    As far as the little one, I used to have to literally peel Frankie off my leg, every day, when I dropped her off at school. It was tough. On both of us. But after a few weeks, she made so many friends, she would run in the door and not even look back at me. Which left me feeling happy and sad at the same time. :)

    I hope you can afford the opportunity to go with Kyra to the Fozzy concert. I know you two would have a ball!

    Oh, I tried to look at the pictures, but when I clicked on the link, it didn't work. (It's most likely something I did wrong, but I thought I'd let you know.)

    1. Thanks, Jen. :D The party went really well, sadly his actual birthday didn't as we all have the flu. :(

      Thanks. He has really made a lot of progress since Christmas, and is coming out with some very mature, insightful things.

      Oldest was the total opposite. On his first day he barely said goodbye because he was so eager to get in. I'm sure Youngest will get used to it, and end up loving it too, once he makes friends.

      I hope so too. I've known Kyra for almost seven years, but have never got an opportunity to meet her.

      Hum ... strange. I think it's because I uploaded them to Flickr, which I honestly have no clue how to use. I've re-uploaded them to Tinypic, so hopefully you can see them now. Here's the link:

  2. Glad you had a great time with your Oldest's party. He sure looks like he's living it up! Happy birthday to you too. :) Have fun with Kyra in April. Geese are frightening birds. The Canadian geese on this continent are protected animals and they know it, so they behave really badly!

    1. Thanks, Christine! He really did have a great time. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

      Sadly, I won't get to meet Kyra in April, I mixed up my dates and it actually doesn't coincide with the school holidays.

      The Canadian geese look like the ones at the lake, I wonder if they're the same breed? Nasty little beggar, they are!

  3. A Happy birthday to all of you! I found your blog through the level up blogfest, and I'm glad I did! Lovely to meet you.

    1. Thank you, and lovely to meet you too. Sadly I had to drop out of the Level Up Blogfest, but I look forwards to reading your entry.


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