Liebster Blog Award

Hey all! 

I'm back from my holiday and had a wonderful time. I hope everyone had a fantastic week. Tomorrow I'll be posting about what I got up to, and sharing the few photos I took on my camera phone, while I wait for the others to be developed (who doesn't use a digital camera in this day and age, right?!). 

But for now, I wanted to take part in the Liebster Blog Award, which the lovely Christine Rains was giving away on her blog. These questions were too fun to pass up. 

Thanks for the award Christine! 


1) Answer the presenter's 11 questions.
2) Choose 11 lucky recipients.
3) Create 11 questions for them to answer.
4) Plaster the award on your blog.

Christine's Questions:

1. What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had?
I can't remember the specifics, but a lot of my nightmares involve the Devil, demons and possession. I guess growing up with two pretty religious parents effected by subconscious!

2. If you could cast a spell on someone, who would it be and what would the spell be?
I'd go to a massive party, and cast the spell the Daedric Lord Sanguine asks you to cast in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which makes everyone naked! LOL

3. What's the best costume you've ever worn?
Hum ... that's a tough one. When me and Hubby were younger and could still stay up all night drinking, we'd have a Halloween party every year. We hosted three in total, and I love my costumes from all three, which were: A flapper girl, a punk cat, complete with pink & black wig, and Bellatrix Lestrange. See the pictures and judge for yourself which was best.

Me as a flapper posing with a cardboard cutout of Tekken's Jin Kazama
Me as a punk cat, with some weird glasses I found
Me as Bellatrix
And as a bonus picture, from the same year I dressed as Bellatrix, Hubby dressed as an eighties rocker.

4. What's the worst costume you've ever worn?
Perhaps one of the above costumes! LOL
5. Whose ghost would you like to be haunted by?
Can I name a fictional character? I wouldn't mind being haunted by the ghosts of either Rhaegar or Viserys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire. I like pretty blond men! ;)
6. What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Red licorice laces and sherbet filled flying saucers are always a favourite in our house!

7. Would you spend the night in a haunted house?
No way! I scare way too easily!!
8. What would your stereotyped role be in a horror film?
Me and Hubby would totally be the loved up couple, and wouldn't even notice the villian in the room with us because we'd be too busy snogging! ;)
9. Have you ever tricked someone on Halloween?
I haven't, but Mum used to play some silly practical jokes on her friends, including sticking a garden hose through the letterbox and spraying everyone with water!

10.What's your favorite horror movie?
I love the Saw movies, especially the first. Gore doesn't bother me, and I thought the psychology of SAW was excellent, especially the twist at the end. It had me completely fooled! 

11. What would your tip be for surviving the zombie apocalypse? 
Hubby and I have given this question far too much thought, and it's actually something we discuss on a weekly basis when watching The Walking Dead. I'd day the best tip is, don't let your emotions get involved. That sounds cold, but I think to survive the zombie apocalypse you have to be cold. So, if your friend is bittern, shoot them straight away. Don't keep them chained up with the hope they'll be okay, because it'll only lead to disasters! 

Okay, here are my eleven questions (all fantasy related):
1. What is your favourite fantasy/ mythological creature?
2. Which of the three RPG archetypes would you be - or do you mostly play as in RPGs - warrior, rogue/ archer, mage?
3. What is your favourite fantasy book/ video game/ movie/ TV series?
4. If you were in the land of Westeros what would your House Sigil and Motto be?
5. In your opinion what is the best fantasy (paranormal/ supernatural) book to movie/ TV show adaptation?
6. In fantasy (paranormal/ supernatural) book to movie/ TV show adaptations, how do you feel about characters being added for the sake of the movie/ TV show, that weren't in the original book canon? E.G Evangeline Lilly's character in the Hobbit, Tauriel.
7. Which Hogwarts House would you be in?
8. What is your favourite fantasy spell? (Can be from anything, i.e Harry Potter, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age etc.)
9. What race would you play as in the Sims 3 expansions Sims Supernatural - Wicth, Vampire, Fairy or Werewolf?
10. As discovered by Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series, what do you think the twelve uses of dragon's blood are?
11. If you could have any magical/ supernatural/ paranormal power, what would it be?

I tag anyone who wants to take part.

Location: West Midlands, UK 
Music: None
Mood: Hungry


  1. Oh my gosh I love those pictures Clare! Your husband in the ginger 80's wig is the shiz!! Best costume: I liked them all but I have to go with you as a flapper. You look really good in red.

    Your answers to Christine's questions are fab. And your questions, equally so. I feel the need to answer the Game of Thrones one (because you know what a huge fan I am)

    My words would be, "What's done is done." Because I can't change my past, just push through it and try to learn from it. And of course, I'd have to have some kind of cool ass bird as my symbol, like an eagle or maybe a bird hybrid, like a griffin, their so sick. Or maybe I've already thought WAY too much about this question...LOL

    PS: Were you too hungry for music? He he he.
    PSS: Best thing in the world is having a daughter, who wants to be a chef. My little girl just whipped me up an amazing omelet and a pot of cafe au lait for breakfast. YUM! (Even though I'm not supposed to have the coffee...shhh!)

    1. *hehe* Thanks Jay! :D

      Doesn't he look fab in that wig?!

      Thank you, I especially like the flapper picture too. :)

      I love your answer to the Game of Thrones question, I think the motto is a really poignant one, and of course your sigil would have to be a bird. If you say you've thought too much about that question, I dare to think how much thought I've given it -- I even made a House Dugmore sigil! ;)

      LOL Apparently I can't listen to music when I'm hungry! ;)

      That is so awesome that your daughter cooked breakfast for you. I wish my son did that for me!

  2. Congratulations, and your husband made a good hair metal dude.

    1. Thank you, Alex! :)

      And thanks, I thought he looked quite dashing! ;)

  3. Hehehe! Those pictures are fantastic! I dream about demons a lot, but not because of religion, more so I'm battling inner demons or I've watched too many horror movies! *LOL* I like the naked spell. What a Halloween trick that would be! Funny that my husband and I discuss zombie apocalypse survival during The Walking Dead too. The show brings up important discussion material!

  4. Ooo! Elder scrolls. Great games. My worst dreams are when one of my cats is missing. Then I wake up sad. And annoy them all day with kisses.

  5. Hey Clare- I've been worried about you! Hope all is well. Miss you around the blog-o-sphere. Hope you come back soon. All the best- J


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