Hello and Welcome ...

Hello and welcome to my new personal blog.

I decided to make a personal blog as a subsidiary of my personal journal, The Life and Loves of wandaXmaximoff, which is friend's locked. I want to connect on a more personal level with the friends I've made in the blogosphere, without forcing them to create a LiveJournal account to view locked content. I will however, be keeping my LiveJournal account to post deeply personal stuff there.

If you know me from my writing blog, ClareDugmore Writes, feel free to follow me here too. Or if you're a new-commer who found me randomly, welcome. 

I will try to keep this blog updated at a semi regular pace, probably about once a month, but more if I find myself with lots to say.  

So, what's been going on in my life recently?

September saw the start of the school term, and Oldest has moved up into year five. No word yet on how he's getting on, but we have parents' evening this Wednesday. He seems to be enjoying himself, they're learning about ancient Greece and swimming lessons have started up again, so all good on the school front.

School pictures was this morning, and we were also allowed to take Youngest in before school starts so they could have their picture taken together. Of course, it had to be the morning the dryer was playing up. Thankfully we had spare clothes for both of them. The walk to school was interesting, in a down pour, luckily only Hubby and I got wet. We'll see what the pictures are like this evening when Oldest is sent back with proofs.

We had a small medial emergency last week. Two weeks ago, before Oldest went back to school, he was playing outside and fell off his scooter. He cut his hand pretty bad. We cleaned it up, and was dressing it was antiseptic cream twice a day, but it wasn't really healing. Then last week Teacher told us he'd found a piece of glass in his hand. We took him to A&E to get it X-rayed, and thankfully there was no more broken glass in it, or no broken bones. It's now healing nicely. 

Youngest is ill at the moment. He's got a cold, sore throat and is all snuffly. He seems to be perking up a bit, thankfully and yesterday was well enough to be rolling around in bed playing big fat lumps, which basically consists of us squishing each other and saying 'Ow, you big fat lump.'

Hubby and I watched the first episode of Revelation last over the weekend, and loved it. I'm already intrigued about what caused the blackout, and how Miles and Sebastian Monroe fell out, and went on such different paths. I also want to know what was on that memory card Ben gave to Aaron, and why Grace (the woman who his Danny) has one similar, and could connect to a computer network. Who was she talking to? It's suckered me in, and I'm getting a LOST like feeling from it, can't wait to see how it progresses.

Also can't wait for all my other shows to start up, I'm looking forwards to the new seasons of Dexter, Walking Dead, Fringe and Merlin. 

Our holiday is now a month away, and we're really really excited about it. We're going to holiday camp in Prestatyn, North Wales. I'm  looking forwards to a few days away from everything, and the chance to do fun activities like swimming and archery.

I've been thinking a lot about Dragon Age 3 recently, and being reading all I can about it. I promised myself I wouldn't invent a character ahead of release, like I did with Skyrim, but somehow after saying that a character popped into my head. Her name is Alysanne, named after one of the historical Targaryens from A Song of Ice and Fire. She'll be a mage of course, and Hesper will be her middle/ surname depending of if the game dictates surnames for you.

What do you think?

Right, I think I've rambled on for long enough, so I'll leave this entry here, with some pictures of myself, Hubby and the boys from when we went to the zoo over the summer.

Hopefully I'll be able to update again before our holiday.  



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  1. Hi Clare,

    I'm following both your blogs. I just found the writing blog, but I like getting to know other writers on a personal level too. I mean, I'm always looking to connect with other people,especially ones with the same interests as me. :)

    I have four wonderful kids who are 22,21, 16 and 13 plus an adorable 2 yr. old grandson. Your little guys are so cute.

    My son is sixteen and he is a HUGE Skyrim fan. I actually made him a whole Skyrim dresser, which came out very cool. I'm sure he can relate to already naming your new character from Dragon's Age. haha

    I'll have to check out "Revelation" cause I love Dexter, Walking Dead and Merlin. I used to watch Fringe, but somehow that fell by the wayside.

    Anyway, I'll get off your comments section now. It's nice to meet you!! :)

    P.S. Are you aware your Captcha is on? Thought I'd let you know just in case you didn't realize.

    1. Hey Tamara!

      Thanks for the follow here and on my writing blog. :D

      Oh wow, that's a great brood. I bet it's good now they're getting a bit older and can take care of themselves more. You get to do all the fun grandparent stuff. ;)

      You made your son a Skyrim dresser? Okay, you are officially the coolest Mum ever!

      We've only seen one episode of "Revelation", but it was very good. If you like stories with mysteries to solve as you watch, I think you'll enjoy it.

      Oh, thanks for telling me my Captch was on. I hate those things. It should be off now. :D

  2. You have a beautiful family, Clare. Yay for a holiday. Hope Oldest is healing and Youngest is all well.

    1. Thanks Mary. :D

      Yes, Oldest is all healed now, and Youngest is good; causing trouble as always! :D

  3. LOVE, love,love the pictures. Your boys (all of them) are adorable. I have a feeling...this is going to be my new fav blog! Beautiful header, and what an amazing picture of you with the longer hair. You are gorgeous.

    Glad to hear your son's hand is better now. Dang those scooters! And I hope the sniffles and sneezes go away soon. Big fat lump sounds like a very cool game to play. It would definitely become wildly popular in my house :)

    You know I'm a ginormous chicken, so I can't be watching any Walking Dead, (just too emotionally disturbing) unless I want to loose sleep. But The Husband and I always watch Merlin and Fringe. Every once in a while, we actually agree on a tele show! It's a rare and beautiful thing when this happens. When it does happen, it's usually something on the Sci Fi channel.

    Best of luck with this new blog. I can't wait to learn even more about you.

    1. Jay, your comment just made me smile so much. Thank you. <3

      Thank you for the compliments on me and my boys. :D

      Oldest's hand is completely healed now, and unfortunately his scooter broke. At least there will be no more accidents. Youngest is at full heal again, and doing what he does best, making a mess!

      I completely understand about now watching emotionally disturbing shows. While I have no problem with Walking Dead, American Horror Story scares the bejesus out of me. I don't know if I'll be able to watch season two.

      It's great watching shows with the Hubby, isn't it? We always make the effort to spend at least an hour, every evening before bed, watching something together. :)

      Thanks again! :D

  4. Wonderful new blog! Glad to hear school is going good and I hope the little guy is feeling better. Such cute kids! Can you believe my husband got Skyrim for his birthday in April and still hasn't played it yet?! So many games, so little time!

  5. Thanks Christine, glad you like the new blog! :) And thanks for the compliments on my kids. :D
    Little guy is all better now and causing trouble.
    My hubby has that problem with games sometimes too, especially when he reviews them. I hope your hubby enjoys Skyrim when he gets a chance to play.


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