Favourites Friday: Summer has come and passed ... The innocent can never last.

Happy Friday all! The weekend is almost here, but before I sign off until Monday, I'm back with my third regularly scheduled blog post of the week; Favourites Friday - a round up of what I've been doing with my family, and what TV shows, books, movies I've been enjoying recently.

The summer break was good. Even though I spent a lot of time working with CQP, I still hand time to hang out with my boys, especially in the morning.

Youngest fell in love with the Lego Harry Potter games, he enjoys jumping, and this led to me asking him if he wanted to watch Philosopher's Stone. He lost interest after about ten minutes, but I left it playing, and soon Oldest was suckered in by it. He's not shown that much interest in the series before, despite my attempts to get him to read the books or read them to him. But soon enough, he was asking me to watch Chamber of Secrets with him, then Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by the other fives movies. His favourite character is Dobby, and he was heart-broken when he died in Deathly Hallows part one. He hates Snape, and no matter what I say, insists he's evil. He also likes Ron, because he says "bloody hell" and I think he has a bit of a crush on Ginny. It's been really great sharing the series with him, it's like discovering it again through new eyes, and I hope we can continue to enjoy it together. Who knows, I might even get him to read the books.

I also took Oldest to see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema. He was meant to go with school before the summer break, as a reward for earning 150 merit points, but he got sick the day before and missed out. To make it up to him, I promised to take him, buy lots of cinema treats, and have lunch together before. It was an awesome afternoon out, and though I didn't enjoy Despicable Me 2 as much as the first movie, I did love spending time with my little guy and laughing over the musical scene at the end!

We went to visit Mum a couple of times. Both times were great fun, as the boys got to enjoy the sunshine and her massive garden, while playing with the two dogs. The first time Youngest ran through the sprinkler and got soaked. Good job I bought a chance of clothes. The second time, we went for a walk through the woodland area just by my Mum's house, and picked blackberries. Then Mum kept the boys for a while and took them out for dinner, while I returned home to have some adult time with Hubby! ^_~

On one afternoon out, we were lucky enough to discover our local supermarket offering free face painting. It was Youngest's first time having his face painted, and he really enjoyed it.

Here are my boys as a bear and a snake:

Something else we enjoyed this summer was watching the WWE PPV Summerslam together. Hubby and I have both been wrestling fans for 15+ years, and that's rubbed off on the boys; with Oldest becoming really interested in different superstars and storylines.

We got a lot of treats in, and all settled down to watch it together the morning after it aired in the US!

Our favourite match of Summersalm was Kane versus Bray Wyatt in a Ring of Fire match. It was intense!!

Speaking of TV shows, Hubby and I have found a new love. As well as keeping up with True Blood, Dexter and Under the Dome, we needed something else to fill the rest of the week. Hubby has gotten into DC because of the PS3 game DC Universe Online, so we decided to try out Arrow, a modern re-telling of Green Arrow, a try.

DAMN, it's amazing. I have mixed feelings about comic book adaptations. My favourite comic Xmen has a terrible movie franchise, with only First Class being any good. But Arrow is nothing short of amazing. Sure it helps I know next to nothing about the source material, so I'm not complaining about all the changes. But the writing, acting, and production on Arrow is top notch. It could have easily turned camp and cheesy, seeing as it's based on a comic book, but instead it's dark and gritty. It's almost like a crime drama, with the added spin, the main character is a bad-ass vigilante. It's vary rarely I find a show with multiple characters and story-lines, where there's not one aspect I don't like/ find boring. But with Arrow that didn't happen. The present day stuff is equally as interesting as the flashback stuff, and every character, major or minor, is interesting. It doesn't hurt that the guy playing Slade Wilson is hot!

We're now chomping at the bit waiting for season two to start on 9th October. I CANNOT WAIT! (FYI - incase you're wondering, I'm an Olicity shipper!)

School started back for my boys this week. I cannot believe it's Oldest's final year in secondary school, not to mention a year before Youngest moves from nursery (9am-12 pm) to Reception class (9am-3pm). The transition for Youngest will be much easier on him and us. He'll likely go to the school he's currently at, and at least one of his teachers will move into Reception with him. I think he'll enjoy having a uniform like his big brother, too. But Hubby and I are freaking out over Oldest starting secondary school. Who said he could be eleven in fives months?! *faints*  It's weird to think, in a couple of weeks we'll be going to open evenings to look around perspective secondary schools. The good thing is, we have a vague idea what's important to us when considering where we'll send him; including examination pass rates, and what subjects they offer for G.C.S.Es. We have a favourite in mind, so let's see if it's still the favourite after we've visited there and looked round!

Oldest's first week back at school consisted of him and his class having a three day/ two nights residential trip to a local action-adventure center, that does rock climbing, abseiling, fencing and archery. Oldest hasn't said much about it, as he's tired and not feeling right from being travel sick on the way home. But what he has said is that he had a really good time, and especially enjoyed rock climbing, fencing and archery. Hopefully i can get some more information out of him over the weekend, if he's not being a typical pre-teen boy!

Tomorrow we have plans to go blackberry picking again. On the way home from school one of the days, Youngest and I found a great crop in the bushes beside the park near our house, so we'll go there and raid them tomorrow. We might also pop to the mall so we can get the shiny legendary Pokemon that are on offer at GAME, and mail a birthday card for Hubby's mum.

I think that's most of the important stuff that's happened this summer, but if I've forgotten anything, I'll be sure to fill you in next week!

I'm off now to make meatballs and pasta for dinner! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and join me on my writing blog on Monday, for a new week's Memorable Mondays Post


  1. Your boys are so cute :)

    And your summer was no slouch overall either.


    1. Thanks! Summer was a good one.


  2. I watched Arrow from it's premiere last year and can totally agree that it's an amazing show. Olicity? Never heard of that so I guess I'm a Loliver then? Though Felicity is a good contender. Nice of you to show pictures of your beautiful boys and it's great the oldest got into the Potter movies. So there's hope yet for the books. You and your family seemed to really have enjoyed yourselves. Here's to more fun even if Summer's over.

    1. I heard about it when it started, but didn't really take much notice. Then I was looking into Huntress, heard she was in it, and decided to give it a try. SO glad I did.

      I think Olicity (Oliver and Felicity) and Lauriver (Oliver and Laurel) are the two major relationships fans want to see. I think you either ship one or the other. The problem is, Oliver has chemistry with EVERYONE!

      Thanks! :)

      I'm so happy to be able to share H.P with my oldest. :)

      Thank you! I'm sure we will. :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy! I can't wait for my little guy to be old enough so we can read the HP books together and watch the movies. I think it's so cute your oldest likes Ron and has a crush on Ginny! I'm not quite certain that I liked the finale of True Blood. I didn't like the six months later thing either. Though it's nice to see Alcide finally getting some! I loved Despicable Me 2 too. My son adores the minions. Enjoy your weekend and blackberry picking. :)

    1. It's such fun sharing it with your kids, I hope your boy grows up to enjoy the series too. :)

      The series finale of True Blood annoyed me. I'm all for Alcide finally getting some, but not when it's rushed like that. :/

      The minions are hilarious!

      Thanks, I hope you and your family have a great weekend too! :D

  4. Arrow isn't available yet as a watch now on NetFlix, but I really want to see it.
    Sounds like you had a good summer with the kids and that's great.


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