A-Z Blogging Challenge: B is for Black Queen

Thank you for all the comments on yesterday’s entry, A is for Anne Rice. I continue the A-Z today with;

B is for Black Queen
Selene Gallio is the superhuman strong, telekinetic, psychic vampire of Marvel comics’ Hell Fire Club. She is one of the oldest mutants in the Marvel Universe, born 17,000 years ago.

With black hair, black eyes, which turn red when using her powers, pale skin and a fondness for gothic attire, Selene is my favourite villain of the Marvel series.

I first discovered Selene 2001, when my sister Lisa let me borrow a story from X-Men Unlimited Vol 1:33, in which the Hell Fire Club’s Black Queen (Selene) and the White Queen (Emma Frost) compete to win the affection of Hell Fire club solider Chet. 

The two women use various methods, like treating Chet to expensive dinners, whisking him to exotic locations around the world, and revealing Hall Fire Club secrets to hi. Eventually, they resort to using their abilities, with Selene bewitching Chet with magic, and Emma controlling his mind with telepathy. Chet tries to confess his love to both but can’t. He burns up in a fever and suddenly his head explodes, as he’s torn apart between the two conflicting commands. Emma smiles and demands payment from Selene. The original bet was that she would make Chet declare his love first, but obviously he will now never do that. Selene laughs and accepts to have lost. Neither woman is concerned about Chet’s fate – in fact it’s a basic rule of chess that you can’t worry about what happens to the pawns.


Since then, I’ve followed Selene in the comics, up until apparent ‘death’, before which Selene achieved the one thing she’s always strived for – becoming a god by absorbing the reanimated souls of a million mutants. Sadly, the team X-Force and (including mutant) Warpath managed to stab Selene in the heart with the same knife used to perform the ritual. Selene exploded and it is presumed that she died.

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  1. Sounds like a character you don't want to mess with!

    1. Yeah, very much so! Thanks for dropping by. :D

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    1. Right?! Thanks for commenting, Sheena-kay. :D

  3. That's so cool! I didn't know Emma was so mean, but I like the two of them trying to win Chet over and not giving a damn about his fate. Heh.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Christine! Yeah, Emma is a total bitch! LOL


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