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Hey everyone!

How's things? Everyone having a good weekend?

Things here are good, a few things to report, by mostly TV talk, as a lot of my favourite shows are back.

*spoiler warning* The rest of this post contains spoilers for the current series of Dexter, Fringe, Merlin and Xfactor (UK)
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Oldest had parents evening the week before last, and once again came back with a glowing report. He's trying hard and progressing well in all classes, progressing as he should be and making the right amount of effort. The teacher's only concern is his handwriting, which he's had problems with all his life. We're going to try handwriting exercises at home, but she thinks he's just going to be one of these people with messy handwriting. The good news is though, for his exams next year, he'll probably be allowed a scribe, so his writing won't count against his grades. 
He's still learning about ancient Greece, specifically the wars between the Spartans, Athenians and Persians. They had Greek day on Friday, where they all had to go dressed in togas (bedsheets) and got to try food like olives, humus and feta cheese; which of course he loved, because we eat it at home. He's got a school assembly this week about Ancient Greece, in which he'll be playing the part of King Darius.

Youngest is all better now. You can tell this by the amount he eats. For breakfast alone he has a bowl of cereal, a banana a piece of toast and a yoghurt! I would say I wonder where he puts it all, but he's always running and jumping around, so he must burn it off. Potty training is going well, he can go through the whole day without accidents. Though he's still in nappies when we go out for an extended period of time. Nappiless outside is something we'll try after our holiday. Sleeping on his own isn't going as well - he's going to be at seven, and settling down after about fifteen minutes, but then he's waking again at ten, screaming and not settling unless he comes downstairs. That's something else we'll have to work on after our holiday.
Got the school pictures back of both of them, and honestly they're awful. Youngest isn't smiling on any of them, and the one of Oldest on his own looks really posed, and forced. I don't think I like professional photos, they always look unnatural. I think I might just get a new camera - or use the one on the Nexus 7, which I'm hopefully getting for Christmas - and take some pictures of the boys around the house, and at the park. Or perhaps I can get some nice ones on holiday. 

Hubby's business is going well, it's now less than a month until he comes off benefits, and is signed onto the enterprise scheme. It's both scary and exciting. He had a piece featured on one of the top 17 thousand sites in the world, Gameranx, over the weekend. The article was about a recent games convention, where an attendee filmed a YouTube show intent on making people feel uncomfortable. He asked a lot of disturbing sexual questions, and actually groped members of the public. His piece was about how that is not an acceptable thing to do in the games industry - well, any industry really - and how it enforces negative stereotypes about male gamers. You can read it here. He got a lot of flack for it, and a lot of abuse - some disturbing and personal, that made me feel sick - but that was all from ignorant trolls. From his peers, and other people in the industry - as well as feminist writers - he's gotten a lot of support, which is excellent.

I bought a candy thermometer during the week, so that I can make candy apples and marshmallows for Halloween. Though I'm now having second thoughts about the marshmallows, as when I was doing the grocery shopping online earlier, the ingredients came to £5, which is way more than a bag of marshmallows. Though some of the stuff, like food colouring and icing sugar, are ingredients I can use again.

All my TV shows are back, and also the Xfactor, so we've had lots of good stuff to watch this week. 

Don't know how I feel about the XFactor this year; I dislike half the contestants. Rylan is awesome, and so entertaining. MK1 are different, and I think with the right song choices will be one to watch – let’s hope Louis doesn't mess them up. Both the boy blands suck. I want Times Red! None of the over 28s do anything for me, though Melanie has got an amazing voice. The girls are amazing, I think one from that category are going to win. Jade especially stood out for me. James Arthur wasn't bad, but nothing special either, and I've never liked Jermaine, he does nothing for me; I just don't get him.

Fringe -- I don't know about. I love the premise, and that the final season will deal with saving the future/ defeating the Observers, and I adore Etta (plus her relationship with her parents is so cute), but the first episode wasn’t very gripping. With the exception of Walter getting his memories of what September told him wiped, nothing of interest or importance happened.

The season premiere of Dexter, however, was utterly gripping. I'm both shocked and pleasantly surprised Deb found out the truth so far, and LaGuerta seems suspicious about DoomDay's death and found Dexter's blood slide. I'll be interested to see how the rest of the season plays out, and especially intrigued to see how it ends, as I've heard there will be one more season after the current one. 

Merlin was also back with a bang. Love Morgana, as always. The three year gap seems to have hardened her and made her more determined than ever. And maybe a little crazy? Davos - sorry, can't remember the character's name and he plays Davos in Game Of Thrones - is badass. I love his fighting skills, and ability to teleport. It seems like Morgana has got stronger allies this time around. Older Mordred is perfect. He looks a lot like the actor who played young Mordered, and I'm really intrigued by the vision Merlin saw, and his alliance with Morgana. Loving Gwen as Queen, she's grown into it well, as seems like a great, strong, counterpart to Arthur. I thought he decision to sentence the serving girl to death was absolutely the right one, but you could tell there was no happiness in the decision. And then there was the blue aliens ... WTF were those? Seriously, they better not be what Morgana was looking for in the cave. I hope Gawain imagined them and they'll never appear again, because seriously, it ruined an otherwise stellar episode, and I don't think I'll be able to take this series seriously with them around. They're worse than the farting imp thing that possessed Gaius.

Okay, that's probably a long enough update for now, so I'm going to head off and spend the evening playing Sims3.

Hopefully I'll be able to update again before we go on holiday.
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  1. Glad the kids and hubby are doing so well. I'm at the same stage in potty training with my little guy. He's in underwear 100% at home (except sleeping) but since he doesn't like strange bathrooms, we haven't managed to get his training done outside the house.

  2. Thank you. :D
    Glad the potty training is doing well for you too, and I hope you can get your little guy to use other bathrooms soon. :)

  3. Oh, I'm both glad and sad those potty training days are over. There was a time when all three of my girls were in diapers at the same time. Changing diapers was all I did! But I really miss having a baby in this house. One day, you know, I'd like to adopt more. Unfortunately, finances are not quite where they should be for that :(

    I'm sorry to hear about people going after your husband for his opinion like that! I abhor it when people turn things personal. Maybe you don't like what I have to say, but don't hate! There is never any reason for that.

    And Spandau Ballet? I haven't heard them in ages! Love it.

    1. I'll be glad when potty training days are over, but I am starting to miss having a baby in the house. He's growing up so fast, and then I'm seeing friends posting pictures of their newborns on Facebook. It's making me quite broody. Adopting more is something we talked about too, but whether adopted or biological, baby number three is a long way off.

      Thanks. He doesn't mind negative attention towards him, and it helps he has an online pseudonym, it was when the people started talking about our family that we got angry. Thankfully it's all blown over now.

      And I agree completely, if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

      I love Spandau Ballet - and most 80s music actually - I should dig out some old CDs.

  4. Sounds like things are going well for you, which is always wonderful to hear.


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